What’s wrong with using SMS Voting?

Ok, for clarity – What’s wrong with using SMS voting for voting processes that matter like Enterprise Agreements, Plebiscites, Protect Action ballots and so on?

The question of using SMS voting for these types of processes comes up a lot here at CorpVote so we thought we’d let you know what we think.

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CorpVote Audit Policy Passes the Test

Late last year, CorpVote was pleased to note that its Secure Audit and Access features were reviewed by Fair Work Australia. In response to an access enquiry following a close result on an Enterprise Agreement Ballot, CorpVote had cause to run an assessment of its security, validation and standard software audit procedures. Continue reading

Election Process Modernisation

For most organisations, moving from a traditional paper-based voting system directly to an electronic voting system is a risk. Some sort of transition strategy has to be followed in order to maintain the integrity of the process and to mitigate the risk of those who maybe uncomfortable with technology or change – How do I modernise my election process? Continue reading