CorpVote Audit Policy Passes the Test

Late last year, CorpVote was pleased to note that its Secure Audit and Access features were reviewed by Fair Work Australia. In response to an access enquiry following a close result on an Enterprise Agreement Ballot, CorpVote had cause to run an assessment of its security, validation and standard software audit procedures.

Following a thorough internal assessment, CorpVote’s response to Fair Work Australia satisfied the validity requirements for this ballot process.

Voter security and privacy is fundamental to our processes and policies – it’s why we’re a trusted ballot and elections service provider across Australia.

One of CorpVote’s unique operating features is the Self-Audit System. This allows voters to use a receipt number issued after lodging a vote to self audit – ie to check that their vote preference was submitted and that their preference was submitted correctly.

This is just one of the ways we produce fair and equitable outcomes for all our ballot and election clients.