Election Process Modernisation

For most organisations, moving from a traditional paper-based voting system directly to an electronic voting system is a risk. Some sort of transition strategy has to be followed in order to maintain the integrity of the process and to mitigate the risk of those who maybe uncomfortable with technology or change – How do I modernise my election process?

Election process modernisation is about considering these issues and applying the technology over time to achieve an efficient, trusted, cost effective solution. Other than the standard requirement to update your election rules to allow for the use of modern processes, the first step is to understand your voting demographic and to mitigate the risk of excluding any voter during the transition – this would be a backwards step.

CorpVote has work with a number of organisations to implement change in their election and voting processes. Generally speaking, the transition goes something like this over subsequent voting or election cycles:
1. Use of the traditional Postal voting method while election rules are changed.
2. Use of the traditional Postal voting method with optional Electronic Voting channel (Internet or Telephone).
3. Use of an Electronic Voting channel (Internet or Telephone voting) with an optional “On Demand Postal Voting” channel.

This is vastly simplified, but step 2 to 3 is the jump off point. Depending on how your voting population responds to the availability of an electronic option is a reasonable indicator as to when you’ll be able to move to step 3 and achieve real efficiencies in your process.

One of the keys to transitioning is providing a simple method for voters to choose between voting channels without adding extra steps. An example of this is where voters are required to register to use the electronic channel prior to being able to lodge a vote – This just makes the process more complicated.

Modernising Your Election Process with CorpVote Election Services

CorpVote assists organisations that currently use traditional paper based voting systems migrate to electronic based voting systems.

CorpVote’s system, Ballot Engine™, functions as an integrated multi channel election system that enables organisations to offer their voters the choice of voting by paper ballot or electronically without the need for intermediary steps. This means the transition can be made smoothly and allows organisations to maintain the paper method for as long as they need into the future.

Electronic voting using the Internet and/or Telephone voting channel(s) is a powerful means of addressing issues that compromise the participation rate of voters, the speed with which a result is finalised and the potential to control and reduce the operating costs of the process.

Voters can be anywhere in the world, using any type of device, and only need access to a telephone or the Internet to participate in the election process.

An important element of any electronic voting application is security and availability. All CorpVote production and voting applications are ‘Third Party Code Audited’ regularly by external security providers and hosted on CorpVote servers within an accredited, high availability and secure data centres in Australia.

Talk to CorpVote about your next voting or election process.