What Voting Channel Mix Is the Right Mix?

The best voting channel mix is Internet in combination with Telephone voting. Telephone voting is so simple that it’s a great backup for those that may have Internet connectively issues or have logged out for the day and it’s just more convenient.

CorpVotes’ secure, integrated, compliant based voting channels allow your organisation to select a voting process to meet your specific voting population needs. All channels are robust, secure and developed specifically to manage confidential data and information transactions with complete integrity.

As with all our processes and technologies, each voting channel is backed by our ‘Complete Audit Policy‘ which ensures that each channel is implement to comply with any specific statutory, constitutional, governance and reporting frameworks and is accountable via our audit on demand process.

Voting Channel Integration

All CorpVote secure voting channels are seamlessly integrated into the secure Ballot Engineā„¢ system. ‘Seamless integration’ means that Organisations can choose which channel(s) suit the voting population best with no risk of any voter been able vote twice regardless of which channel they use.

The flexibility of being able to choose voting channels allows your organisation to leverage technology to streamline or modernise the voting process without compromising the fundamentals of conducting fair and equitable ballots and elections.